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Best Short Term Investments for 2012-2013  


The best short term investments for 2012-2013 are the same short term investments that financial advisors always push as best. Some of the investment options will be a bit surprising and a bit of a throw back to the past.


Of course the tried and true short term investments will make the best short term investments for 2012-2013. Things like short term debt bonds. Certificates of Deposits are also considered one of the best short term investment options for the faint of heart that like to invest in something that is really low risk.





There are a few surprises though that the pros are recommending given the state of the economy and the need to still make some money off your investment.




One of the best short term investments now is Gold. Here is why when you buy gold at a low it is always almost guaranteed to go back up. Gold is one of those things that fluctuates with the seasons. So if you buy up some gold in the summer when there is not much happening in way of special occasions and you can hang onto it until the holiday season you are bound to make some quick cash.


Most folks have stopped trading in gold in the last twenty years or so but that trend is changing because people have adopted the attitude that they want to see what they are getting for their money. They want to be able to have something tangible they are investing in.


Mutual Funds


Mutual funds are a pretty safe place to park some money. They are considered one of the best and most popular investing vehicles. These are pretty low risk and can be structured in a host of ways to your advantage.




Bonds are also a popular option for the 2012-2013 investment season. Of course it is far better to purchase government debt bonds than it is to purchase corporate debt bonds if you are concerned with low risk but if you are a bit more daring and would like a higher return than corporate debt bonds may be the answer.


In either case bonds are a great short term investment. Typically you can expect an agreed upon rate of return.


Low,Low Risk


If you are after a really low risk short term investment than parking your cash in a certificate of deposit at your local bank will do it. Of course you are not going to get a return that you will get from the other short term investments but your money will be safe. 


best short term investments 2012-2013